Security is important. Hackers are looking to use your site for their own purposes and WordPress is a very common target nowadays due to it's popularity. We recommend checking for WordPress updates at least once a week. Plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates almost always contain necessary security patches and should be part of your weekly maintainence to prevent hackers from exploiting your site.

Please visit the following link to learn about how to keep your WordPress install safe from hackers:


1. WordPress has made it easy to update to the newest version of both the software itself, along with plugins and themes. First log into WordPress with your admin username and password, this should land you on your WordPress dashboard, from there click the Updates icon in the left hand menu.



2. On the resulting page simply click Update Now next to the items you want to update (indicated by the red arrows in the image below). After each update please be sure to recheck this page for any remaining updates that need to be applied.

Please note: The latest WordPress version may differ from what is shown below.



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