WARNING: Do not use the SpamAssassin junk filter and the Advanced Spam Quarantine & Virus Filter at the same time. You will need to disable one if you intend to use the other.

  1. Login to the cPanel for your hosting package, commonly found at http://www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel (yourdomainname.com should be replaced with your actual domain name.
  2. Click on the SpamAssassin module.
  3. Click the Enable SpamAssassin button. This enables SpamAssassin for all of the email addresses on that package.
  4. Click the Enable Spam Box button. This enables Spam Box for all your email addreses.
  5. Select Configure Apache SpamAsssasinat the bottom.
  6. Change the required_score from the default 5 (recommended setting is "3")
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page
  8. Using Webmail or your email client, you must now "subscribe" or "synchronize" your email folders to include the newly added "spam" folder for each email account.

Subscribing to the Spam Box folder "spam" using Webmail access
Subscribing to spam mailbox with

  1. Log into your webmail, instructions on how to login to your webmail can be found here.
  2. Click on Folders along the top.
  3. Check off the box beside spam and click the Subscribe button.
Subscribing to spam mailbox with Horde
  1. Log into your webmail, instructions on how to login to your webmail can be found here.
  2. Select Folder Actions and then Expand All
  3. Locate spam in italics, right click on spam and select Subscribe. On the prompt check off "Subscribe to all Subfolders of Spam?" and press OK

NOTE: As Apache Spam Assassin is an Open Source product, Machighway.com offers limited support for it's use and you can find more detailed information here

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