A new update of WordPress has just been released. If you're using WordPress you really, really need to go in and update it now. Due to WordPress' popularity it has become the target of hackers looking for old versions they can exploit. The primary reason WordPress will provide an update is to close or correct a recently discovered exploit used by hackers.

Keep your WordPress up to date, as well as any plugins and themes. To be more secure you have to remove any WordPress installations you are not using, as well as any plugins and themes that are unused - an old file on the server is another opportunity for a hacker.

If you don't keep your web applications current it is not a matter of "if" you will get hacked, it will be just a matter of "when" you'll get hacked. Hackers will damage your site and your data, use your site to victimize others through Phishing or Spamming, and potentially damage your reputation on the web. This can also result in your site being taken down to prevent further damage. If your using something old, it's probably old because an exploit was found (resulting in a new version release to close the exploit), and hackers are looking for you - right now. I'll say this again - hackers are looking for you - right now.

We do everything possible on our end to make sure our servers are secure, but it's up to you to make sure your web applications, such as blogs, stores, contact forms etc. are up to date and secure. Hackers look for ways to use code designed for valid purposes to their ends. The more sophisticated a web application is, the more features it has, the more likely it has a potential hole a hacker can use.

Check often with your software maker's website for updates. It won't take long. In cases like WordPress an update takes only a few clicks of the mouse and five minutes of your time.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

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