Sync your Address book with Google Contacts (iPhone / iPod touch users only)

Apple allows iPhone and iPod Touch users an easy way to synchronize their address book with their Google Contacts by following the steps below:

1. Go to to create a Google account if you don't already have one (It's free).

2. Backup your Address Book on your Mac by opening up the Address Book application, click on the File menu, select Export and then select Address Book Archive. Select a folder to backup your Address Book entires to and click Save.

3. If you have entries in your Google Contacts, back those up by following the instructions here.

4. In the Address Book, click on the Address Book menu and choose Preferences...

5. Make sure you have General selected in the Preferences... window.

6. Click the checkbox next to Synchronize with Google

7. Enter your Google username and password. Click OK.

Congratulations. The address book on your computer and iPhone / iPod Touch is now synced with your Google Contacts.

**MacHighway is not affiliated with Google. While we do provide these instructions, we cannot offer additional support for a service the is offered by Google. For additional support, please visit:

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