NOTE: Modifying an MX record is a very specific change and should only be attempted if you have been instructed to modify your MX record or you are an expert user.

1. Login to the cPanel for your hosting package, commonly found at ( should be replaced with your actual domain name)

2. Click on the MX Entry module under the Mail section.

3. In the Please select domain.. drop-down menu, select the domain name for which you are adding a new MX record.

4. Under the Email Routing section, you will select how you would like your mail handled. Typically, if you are pointing your mail away from MacHighway, you want to select "Remote Mail Exchanger". However, if you are unsure you will want to contact the host you are pointing to for assistance.

5. After you've selected a routing option click Change.

6. To edit your current record click Edit next to the record you want to change.

7. In the Priority: field, type the priority number provided by your new email host.

8. In the Destination: field, type the fully qualified domain name address provided by your new email host.

9. Click Edit.

10. To enter additional MX records, type the details into the Add New Record section.

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