Create a new email account

Note: If you are looking to setup an email forward, you don't need to setup a regular email account first. Please look HERE for email forward instructions.

1. Login to the cPanel for your hosting package, commonly found at ( should be replaced with your actual domain name)


2. Click on the Email Accounts module in cPanel.



3. Once in there, you will see the following screen:


Email Address module

In the first part of the Email field, type the name you would like before the @ in your email address.

On the same line as the Email field, select the domain name that you want to use for this email address in the drop-down menu.

In the Password field, type the password you want to use for this email address. (Or you can click the Generate Password button to have the system create a password for you. Make sure to note the password it creates)

In the Password (Again) field, type the same password that you entered in the Password field. (If you used the Generate Password option, this will already be populated correctly)


4. Click Create Account.


Now that you have your email account setup you'll want to setup a way of checking your mail. Click your preferred application for sending and receiving messages below:

Apple's Mail App
iPhone, iPad, iTouch

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