Change your FTP / cPanel password

Keeping your cPanel and FTP accounts secure is important to keep your website and emails secure. Here is how you can update your cPanel and FTP account passwords.


cPanel Passwords


There are two ways to update your cPanel password. Which one is best depends on if you remember your current password or not.


Client Area


You can update your cPanel password in your client area without needing your current password. Log into your client area, found at If you've forgotten your login details, please use the instructions here.


Once logged in, proceed to your web hosting management page. This can be done by clicking on Services in the upper menu bar and selecting My Products & Services from the drop down menu. You can also click on the Services block in the center of the home page.


Once you are on your My Products & Services page, you will see a list of all of your services. Click on the bar of your cPanel web hosting service (click anywhere but on the domain name, this will take you to your website).


You will now be on the Managing page for your cPanel web hosting. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see an Actions menu. Click on Change Password to update your cPanel password. You will not need your old password. Be sure to use a secure password.


You will need to enter your new password twice. The bar under the password field will show you how strong your password is. It will need to be green before you can save it. Or you can use the password generator to create a secure password. Just be sure to write it down.


Once you have your password updated, click Save Changes.




If you know your current cPanel password and would like to update it, you can update it from your cPanel. You will first need to log into your cPanel. You can find a guide on logging into your cPanel here. Once you are logged in, scroll down to the Preferences section and click on Password & Security.


  • Old Password
    • Enter your current password
  • New Password
    • Enter your new password
  • New Password (Again)
    • Confirm your new password
  • Strength
    • This gauge will fill up the stronger your password is
    • It needs to be green before you can save the password


You can use the Password Generator to create a password for you. Just be certain to write it down.


The "Enable Digest Authentication" will only affect you if you plan on using Webdisk on older Windows version.


Once you are finished, click Change your password now!


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