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NOTE: Code support is not a service we provide. As a resource to our customers we've gathered some links that may help you expand your knowledge of coding and site creation.

Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML on wikipedia.org) is the predominant language for creating web pages. Anyone with even a passing interest in creating content for the web should familiarize themselves with the basics of HTML. This will not only assist you in customizing your site, knowing HTML will also prove handy in troubleshooting design issues that are sure to come up.

W3Schools.com Introduction to HTML

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS on wikipedia.org) is a language used to describe the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language.

W3Schools.com CSS Tutorial


JavaScript (JavaScript on wikipedia.org) is an object-oriented scripting language primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript, implemented as an integrated component of the web browser, allowing the development of enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites.

W3Schools.com Javascript Tutorial

Java script tutorial for the total non-programmer

PHP Hypertext Processor (PHP on wikipedia.org) is a general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages.

W3Schools.com PHP Tutorial

Zend.com PHP for the Absolute Beginner


Lifehacker's Programmer 101: Teach Yourself How To Code

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