If your site is not displaying the recent content you uploaded to the server you may be looking at cached browser data. Your browser saves data from the websites you visit to help pull up those sites faster the next time you visit them. This is called caching. Please review the below steps in order to help troubleshoot the problem.

1. Make sure you're uploading to the correct directory.

If you're publishing changes, make sure your putting the updated pages in the correct data. Generally, for your primary site, your changes will be published to the public_html directory or a folder embedded within the public_html page.

If you're publishing to an addon domain, double check the root of that domain by logging into your cPanel and clicking on Addon Domains. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view your Addon Domains and next to each domain, you will see the root file path specific to that addon.

2. Refresh the Page

The first thing to try is refreshing the page. This will often times force the browser to reload the page from the server thus displaying the current content. This is done by clicking the refresh icon Refresh Image, which can typically be found near the address bar in your browser.

3. Empty Cache

The next step to try is actually emptying the browsers cache. You find instructions for doing this in various web browsers below.

1. Navigate to the Tools menu and select Clear Recent History.
2. On the pop-up window select Everyhing next to "Time range to clear:"
3. Make sure Cache checked under the Details section, then click Clear Now.
4. Reload the page.

1. Navigate to the Safari menu and select Preferences.
2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and check the box "Show the Develop menu in the menu bar", then close the window.
3. Click Develop > Empty Caches
5. Reload the page.

1. Navigate to the wrench icon on the right side next to the address bar, then click on Clear Browsing Data. 2. On the resulting pop-up window select only Cache and click Clear Browsing Data.
3. Reload the page.

4. Try another browser

If the above suggests don't work, you can try using another browser. Links to popular browsers can be found below.

Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/

Chrome: http://www.google.com/chrome

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