Changing the nameservers on a domain registered through MacHighway

When you register a domain with MacHighway, your nameservers are set to our name servers by default.




While this is fine for most circumstances, there are situations where you may need to point your domain to different nameservers. This could be if you purchase CDN (content distribution network) services or filters, or you may be hosting your domain with a different web host. Here is a guide on how to modify your domain nameservers.


Change your name servers to point to another host


To update your domain contact information, you first will need to log into your client area, found at If you've forgotten your login details, please use the instructions here.


Once logged in, click on Domains in the upper menu bar and then select My Domains from the drop down menu. Or, you can click on the Domains block in the center of the home page.


You should see a list of all your domains. Click on the bar for the domain that you are looking to unlock (click anywhere on the bar other than the domain name, this will take you to your website). Or, you can click on the drop down menu to the right, beside the Wrench icon and select Manage Domain.


Now, you should be on the Manage page for that domain. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the Manage Menu. Click on Nameservers to view your current domain nameservers.


Here, you can choose to use the default nameservers (our nameservers mentioned above), or you can select Use custom nameservers and enter your new nameservers. You can enter up to five, but you need at least two.


Once you have your new nameservers entered, click on Change Nameservers to save them.


Note: If you receive an error that reads: "Registry error, domain's nameservers not updated [Object status prohibits operation]" you will first need to unlock your domain before proceeding with the name server change. Click the Registrar Lock tab to unlock the domain. After you've successfully updated your nameservers, click that tab again to re-lock the domain.


Change your name servers to point to MacHighway


To change your nameservers back to MacHighway, you simply need to follow the same process as explained above, but instead of selecting Use custom nameservers, select Use default nameservers. Or you can enter our nameservers in the custom fields.




Remember to click Update Nameservers once you are finished to update them.


Note: Any time that you make any changes to your DNS (including nameserver updates), it will take time for the changes to propagate worldwide. While we advise that it can take up to twenty-four hours for records to fully propagate, the process typically completes in four to six.


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