1. Make sure you've followed the instructions for setting up your Web Disk. If you have not done that yet, please follow the instructions found here. Your Web Disk is your WebDAV enabled directory.

2. Open iCal.

3. In iCal, go to the Calendar menu and select Publish...

iCal Calendar Menu

4. On the resulting screen, in the Publish To: drop-down menu, choose a private server.

5. In the Base URL field, you will want to type in a  URL that includes 3 different elements; Your domain name and the correct port number to connect through (port 2077). As an example, the Server Address field should look like this:


(exampledomain.com should be replaced with your domain name, follow this with :2077 to indicate port 2077. The username you specify below will automatically put you in the correct WebDAV accessible folder)

6. In the username enter the Login and Password fields, enter the login and password you assigned for this Web Disk directory. If you find that you are having trouble publishing with these credentials, be sure to login to cPanel and visit the Web Disk module. At the bottom you will see Web Disk Account Management and below there you will see the username to use and the option to change the password that you set.

iCal publish settings

When your iCal file successfully publishes you should see a confirmation screen indicating that. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

People can then subscribe to your published Calendar in their iCal application by opening iCal, clicking on the Calendar menu, selecting Subscribe... and entering the full URL of your published Calendar. (example: http://www.MyDomainName.com/WebDavFolderName/calendarname.ics) Every time a subscriber to your calendar opens their iCal, they will see your updated Calendar as well as their own.

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