Transfer your Wordpress site to MacHighway from another host.

1. First, make sure that you have setup an installation of Wordpress on your webspace with MacHighway by following the instructions here.

2. Make sure that you are running the same version of Wordpress on your old host's server as you are on the MacHighway server. If not, upgrade your Wordpress to the correct version.

3. Backup your Wordpress database and files on the old server. Instructions for backing up your database can be found here. Instructions for backing up your Wordpress files can be found here.

4. Upload your plugins, themes and uploads folders from the wp-content  folders your old site to their respective locations on the MacHighway servers.

5. Drop (aka Delete) the default database tables of the Wordpress installation on MacHighway. To do that, login to the cPanel for your hosting package, commonly found at ( should be replaced with your actual domain name).

Once logged into cPanel, click on the phpMyAdmin module.

Click on your Wordpress database on the left. The database name will likely end in _wrdp

Check all of the boxes next to the database tables.

From with "With selected:" drop-down menu at the bottom, choose "Drop"

Click the "Go" button in the bottom right of the screen.

6. Now you will Import your old database information into the new database. From phpMyAdmin, make sure the correct database is selected on the left. (Your wordpress database will likely end with _wrdp)

Click the Import tab at the top.

Click the "Browse..." button to navigate to the backup of your database that we made in step 3 on your computer.

Make sure that the SQL radio button is selected. Leave the SQL compatibility mode drop-down menu set to None.

Click "Go"

The import may take a few minutes.

Congratulations, you've moved your Wordpress site to our server. You will not be able to verify the success of this transfer through your temporary URL. Your domain name will need to be pointing to the correct server in order to verify the transfer of your Wordpress site.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

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