Moving your MobileMe iWeb site to MacHighway

The following instructions will help you move an iWeb site previously setup on MobileMe to Macighway.

1. Signup for a hosting package.

If you plan on hosting just one site through MacHighway, our Easy package is setup specifically for template based webdesign apps like iWeb and should fit your needs nicely. If you plan on hosting more that one site, we offer other packages that come with the ability to host more than one site under a single package.

You can review and compare our hosting plans here:

To sign up right away visit our order form:

2. Publish you site to the MacHighway servers.


Click play to watch the video tutorial above.

Detailed Step-by-step instructions can be found HERE.



Publishing instructions for ealier iWeb versions ('08 or '06) can be found HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a domain registered elsewhere you will want to point the name servers listed with that domain name to us. Instructions on that process can be found HERE. If you are registering a new domain name through us you name servers will already be pointing to the correct location.


3. Setup email addresses through MacHighway (optional).

Here's something that MobileMe was never able to offer. Email at your domain name! If you would like to setup email adresses through your domain name we offer detailed instructions, which are availbie HERE.


4. Sync your devices (optional).

A. Make sure you have followed the instructions for setting up your Apple Mail application to receive IMAP email. Instructions for doing that can be found Here.

B. Connect iPhone / iPod Touch with your computer. This should open iTunes to perform a sync.

C. Select your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch in iTunes. On the resulting screen in iTunes, select the Info tab.

D. Scroll down to the Mail Accounts portion of the Info screen. Check the "Sync selected Mail accounts:" checkbox. Then place a check in the checkbox next to all of the email addresses that you would like to check from your iPhone / iPod Touch.

E. Click the Sync button to transfer the account settings to your iPhone / iPod Touch.

A more detailed set of instructions can be found HERE.

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