My site is down. What can I do?

The Problem:

You are unable to access your web site.

What should I do to fix this?

First, go to: and enter your domain name. This will tell you, as the URL suggests, if your site is down for everyone or just you.

If it's down for everyone:

A1) Check
This is where we post maintenance notifications and known outages. If you see your server listed here, there is a known issue, and we are already working on fixing it.

A2) If that didn't solve your problem, please log in to the Client Area and check the live server status:

If the server is showing as up and running, there may be an issue with your domain name...

A3) Make sure your domain name is registered by doing a Whois search. 
Go to and enter your domain name (example,

If the result shows "Good news! (domain name) is available!" - that means your domain name isn't registered. In that case, click here to register your domain name with MacHighway.

If the result shows several lines of information, including registrar info, it means that your domain name is indeed registered. 

A4) If your domain name is registered, make sure the nameservers are set to and 
On page, scroll down to (or search for) the lines that begin with "Name Server:" You should see 2 Name Server lines (and no more) that say:

Name Server:
Name Server:

The order doesn't matter - but both and nameservers should be listed. If they are not, or if they are listed with additional nameservers, you will need to edit your settings to reflect the proper nameserver information. You can find instructions for doing that here. 

A5) If everything is set correctly, but the domain name is showing that it's just down for you, please open a support ticket with MacHighway and we will look into it further for you.

If it's just down for just you: 

B1) Log in to your Client Area. If your computer's IP address has been blocked from accessing the server, due to too many failed log in attempts, logging in to your Client Area will trigger the auto-unblock and your IP address will be removed from the block list. You'll see the green box pop up telling you your IP has been unblocked, and you can probably now get to your site. Follow those instructions linked in the green box to prevent it from happening again. More information on this can be found here.

B2) If that doesn't do the trick, open your site in a different web browser. That means if you're using Safari, open your web site in Firefox or Chrome. If you're using Chrome, open your web site in Safari or Firefox, etc. Sometimes, your web browser may be caching bad information and it won't give you an accurate representation of what your site actually looks like on the Internet. Using a different web browser is a good way to determine if this is happening.

If your site looks good in a different web browser, you are likely having a caching issue on your main web browser and you'll want to clear its cache by following the instructions here:'s-Cache

B3) Lastly, check your site from a different location (a different Internet connection). Some ways to do this include:

• Checking from a smart phone (make sure you're not on the same wi-fi when you do this, so that any local network issues aren't a factor.)
• If you're at an office, check your site when you get home.

• If you're at home, check from an office or library.

• Call somebody that is at a different location from yourself and ask them to check your site.

If your site can be reached from a different location, you or your provider may be having issues connecting to parts of or the entirety of the Internet. You will want to speak with your IT person if you are on a work or school campus. If you are at home, you will want to call your Internet Provider for troubleshooting information.

Did this answer your question? If not, please let us know what issues you're having in the MacHighway Forums.

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