How do I setup my email? Look here first.

Whether you’re looking to setup the first email address at your new domain name or are setting up your 10th address and need help, you’ve come to the right place! The following steps will walk you through the entire process, but if you have already created your email account and just need help setting it up, feel free to skip to section 2.

1) Create your email account in cPanel.

Instructions on creating a new email account though your cPanel control panel system can be found here: 

2) Setup your email application to check email.

Choose the email application you are attempting to setup below for specific setup instructions.

Apple’s Mail App



Microsoft Entourage




3) Check you email via the online WebMail system.

If you wold like to use our online accessible webmail system to send and receive email, instructions can be found here:

4) Setup an email forward.

If you would like to forward email at your domain name somewhere else (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc..), instructions on that process can be found here:

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