Uploading your site with Transmit

You can download Transmit here.


Double Click the Transmit Icon. If there isn't already a screen asking you for server information, go the file menu and click "New Window".


Transmit Menu

You will be presented with this:



In version 4.x the main window will look like the screenshot below.  Click the FTP tab.


Transmit 4.x


Type the FTP server name from your welcome letter from MacHighway (subject: Machighway: Your New Account Information) into the Address field. Type the username and password you selected with MacHighway (which can be found in the welcome letter also) in their respective fields. In the directory field type public_html and click connect.


Once your connected to our server, you will see a blank window on the right hand side with "/" in the drop-down menu above the pane. Your are inside your "public_html" directory. This is where you place files for your website.


The good people who make Transmit have tried to make life easy on you by showing your desktop on the left side of the screen. Navigate to the folder that houses your website and open it. DO NOT USE THE SYNCHORIZE FUNCTION. The synchronize function is very specific and unless all of the correct pieces in place, there's a high likelyhood that you will delete all of the crucial system files from your account on the server. For that reason, we repeat the instruction: DO NOT USE THE SYNCHRONIZE FUNCTION.



You will see all of your the documents for your website inside of that folder.

To upload files you can drag and drop them from your computer into the window on the right- just like copying files to another volume on your Mac. Likewise, downloading works by dragging and dropping.

Note: If you would like to connect via SFTP, you would connect using port: 22222

You can download Transmit here.



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