New Customer Guide (start here)

This new customer start guide is meant to help you go from nothing, to having your MacHighway site and email running by the time you reach the end of this document.

We recognize that this document doesn't account for all situations and needs. This guide is simply meant as a starting point. To view a much larger array of help topics and guides, please view our enitre Knowledgebase by clicking here.


1. Domain Names

Setting Nameservers for your domain name (so that your domain name points to your MacHighway hosting space.)

Click here for our Domain Names knowledgebase section, including articles like 'Changing the Contact details on your domain name', 'How to redirect a domain name', and more.

2. Email

Create a new email account.

Setup Apple Mail to check email via IMAP.

Click here for our Email knowledgebase section, including articles like 'Create an email forward address', 'Check Email via Webmail', and more.

3. Publishing Your Site

If you're using Our Weebly Drag and Drop Web Site builder, please see our section on using it here.

Click here for our Site knowledgebase section, including articles like 'Install WordPress', 'Publish your site using iWeb 09', and more.

4. Additional Help

6 steps for Troubleshooting anything.

Click here for our Troubleshooting knowledgebase section, including articles like 'I'm getting a Brute Force login error, what do I do?', 'Why do I get a "Page Not Found" error when I go to my site?', and more.


To view more topics in the Quickstart guide, including helpful commands & tips, please click here.



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