How to set a hosting package for cancellation



1. To set a hosting package for cancellation first login to your Client Area

(Client Area login details can be found in the email with the subject line "MacHighway Client Area Log In Details")


2. Once you're logged into the Client Area, click Services > My Services.



3. Click the View Details button of the product you wish to cancel.



4. Click the Management Actions tab then Request Cancellation.



5. On the following page, you will need to fill out the form and click the Request Cancellation button on that page.

If you would also like to set your domain name for cancellation make sure to check the box "I confirm I do not want to renew this domain again".


*If you are canceling within the first 30 days of your initial account activation, please let us know by submitting a support ticket so we can refund your paid invoice (less non-refundable domain name charges).

Did this answer your question? If not, please let us know what issues you're having in the MacHighway User Forums.


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