Changing Nameservers for Your Domain Name

Your domain Nameservers are an important part of your web hosting service. It directs website traffic and emails to the correct servers, as well as any other web services you are using.


Setting your domain Nameservers


If you registered your domain with MacHighway, the default nameservers should already be correct (but it never hurts to double check if you find that you're having problems.)


If your domain name is registered with another company you will need to log in to your account where your domain name is registered, delete the current nameservers and replace them with these nameservers:




If you are transferring your domain name registration to us, you will want to update the nameservers by following the instructions here before the transfer has completed to ensure that there is no downtime for your website or emails.


If you don't remember what company you registered your domain name with, please contact us and we'll do our best to direct you to the correct company.


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