Marking messages as Spam and Not Spam

A unique feature of the advanced spam quarantine system is it's ability to filter spam based on a personal database that you help create. The system will function more accurately once it learns what you consider to be spam and not spam. You need a good sampling of messages marked as both spam and not spam which will then be added to your personal bayesian database on the system.  The quarantine system will then filter incoming messages based on what is contained in your bayesian database.

To mark messages as spam or not spam first check the box to the left of the message.  Next, click the Spam or Not Spam button depending on what action you want to take.

You want to make sure that you keep a slightly larger number of messages marked as Not Spam, rather than messages marked as Spam.  To view the ratio click Preferences > Spam Settings.

As you can see in the picture below, the messages marked as Not Spam are slightly larger than the messages marked as Spam.  The filter will start working at it's best when you reach around 200 messages.

We recognize that your quarantine will likely contain far more spam messages than valid messages. To maintain the parity between messages marked as Spam and Not Spam, we recommend that if you have a single valid message in the quarantine to mark that message as "Not Spam". Then, mark one of the spam messages as "Spam". With the remaining spam messages in your quarantine, simply mark those for deletion.

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