RapidWeaver Publishing Instructions



1. Double Click the RapidWeaver Icon to launch the program. If you have a site to publish, press the Publish button in the upper right.


2. You will then be presented with another window. Click the FTP button at the top of the window.


3. In the Server field type the server name as listed in the "FTP (File Upload) Information" section of you welcome email, subject line "MacHighway: New Account Information".


4. Type in the FTP User Name and Password for your MacHighway account into their respective fields.


5. In the Path field, type "public_html" (without the quotes) if your are uploading into your primary site. If this is a secondary site, you will want to view the correct path under the Addon Domains module of your cPanel.


6. Check the Save password in Keychain box so that you don't need to re-type your password every time you upload.


7. Click the Advanced Options button.


8. Make sure the "Use Passive Mode" option is checked. Click "Save"


9. Click the Publish button to upload your site.



Note: If you would like to connect via SFTP, you would connect using port: 22222

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