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What you would use this for: To quickly and easily sell items or services through your website without setting up a shopping cart and establishing a full-scale merchant account. 


What You Need:
An FTP client
(Transmit - external link)

A PayPal Account ( - external link)
A text editor or the ability to modify your source code in your web building application


1. Go to (external link) and login. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, register for one at their site.


2. Once logged in, click on the "Merchant Services" tab.


3. Click on the link to "PayPal Shopping Cart". This isn't in the most obvious of places. Look under the "Key Features" inset of the "PayPal Website Payments Standard" title.


4. Once on the PayPal shopping cart page you'll see a form. In the "Item Name/Service" field, type the name of the product or service you're selling on your website.


5. In the "Item ID/ Number" field, type the SKU# of the item or a product descriptor to help you identify what was ordered, if there is such a SKU or needed descriptor. If not, leave this field blank.


6. In the "Price of Item/Service you want to sell:" field put the price of the item or service, without shipping.


7. In the "Currency" drop down menu, choose the currency in which the price of the item or service is being charged.


8. You will now have to choose an Add To Card button. You can choose from PayPal's pre-made "Add to Cart" buttons or you can create your own, upload it to your site and specify the URL for that image.


9. Click the Add More Options button to add a shipping cost, sales tax, optional fields (such as Size or color), a "View Cart & "Begin Checkout Buttons (very helpful if you're selling more than one item or service), Response URLs for pages that customers will reach once their transaction with PayPal is complete, shipping address options and additional instructions. Fill in which of these fields you need or want.


10. Click on "Preview" to see the look and feel of the PayPal shopping cart. Click "Return" to return to the last page. From here you can either modify your options or click "Create Button Now" to generate the code that you'll insert into your web page.


11. The resulting page will have at least two text fields filled with HTML code. Copy the code therein in its entirety.


12. In your HTML source code, paste the "Add to Cart Button code" from the PayPal site into your HTML source code where you want the "Add to Cart" button to appear.


13. In your HTML source code, paste the "View Cart Button Code" from the PayPal site into your HTML source code where you want the "View Cart" button to appear.


14. Using Transmit, upload your saved page to it's proper location. Once the page is uploaded, your visitors will be able to purchase goods and services directly from your site.

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