Transferring from another web host to MacHighway is usually a painless procedure. However, to reduce the chance that your site will be down during your move we recommend the following steps.


1. Sign up with MacHighway.

Once you've signed up, we will give you upload access to our servers and the ability to create your email addresses with us.


2. Upload your web site to our server.

You'll be given a temporary web address on which you can use to test your site and make sure everything is working as it should. Instructions for this step can be found here.


3. Establish the emails you want at your domain.

Email addresses, like website files, don't transfer from host to host.  Instructions for this step can be found here.


4. Change your domain's name servers to ours.

Instructions for this step can be found here. You can also transfer your domain registration to us. This is not a necessary step and can cause a delay in your domain name pointing to our servers.


If you transfer your registration to MacHighway it adds an extra year to your registration, so if you have six months left before your domain name expires, transferring it to MacHighway will change the expiration to 18 months.


5. Check email at both hosts.

You may want to use our webmail initially until you are no longer receiving mail from your old host. At that point, you can change your mail application to check messages from our servers exclusively.


Once the domain name servers change or transfer has been completed, usually 72 hours from when you change the nameservers, you can cancel your web hosting services with your current (now former) host.


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