Editing CNAME and A Records

PLEASE NOTE: Modifying DNS settings is considered expert level.  We recommend only using this feature if you are familiar with DNS settings as you can easily cause things to stop working on your site.


Step 1:

Login to cPanel, commonly found at http://www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel (yourdomainname.com should be replaced with your actual domain name)

Step 2:

Once logged in, click on the Advanced DNS Zone Editor module under the Domains section.

Step 3:

For WWW CNAME Changes: Click the Edit link next to the www.yourdomain.com record (as shown in the image below). 



For A Record Changes (if you wish to change your main A record): Click the Edit link next to your primary domain name (as shown in the image below).

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to continue receiving email through MacHighway you will need to update your MX record to reflect the server address instead of your domain name.  Your server address can be found in your welcome email, "MacHighway: New Account Information".  Information on updating your MX record can be found HERE.




Step 4:

For CNAME changes: In the CNAME: field, type the destination address.



For A Record changes: In the Address: field, type the destination IP address.



Step 5:

Click the Edit Record button.  Once your CNAME or A Record is set correctly, your domain name should then be pointing to the new location. Please note: It may take up to 72 hours for these changes to fully propagate throughout the internet.


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