If your current site is a simple website without databases or other software, you can easily migrate it to our servers using FTP


1. Ensure that you have the FTP details for accessing your server space at the old host. If you do not have these details, you will want to contact the old host and request that your FTP details are sent to you.


2. Login via FTP to your old hosting space. You will need an FTP application to do this. We recommend using Transmit. Determine which folder contains your web site and drag that folder to your desktop. Because this folder contains the entirety of your site, it may take a while to fully download.


3. Once the folder containing your site is fully downloaded and residing on your desktop, you will now want to open an FTP connection to the MacHighway servers. In the email "MacHighway: New Account Information" you will find your FTP host, username and password under the heading of FTP Information. Using an FTP client, such as Transmit, login to your MacHighway server space and double click on the public_html directory to navigate inside of that directory.


4. You will want to open up the folder on your desktop that contains your site. This is the same folder that you just downloaded from the old hosting providers server. Inside of that folder you should see the files that constitute your site.


5. Drag and drop your site files (not the site folder) from the site folder on your desktop into Transmit. If done correctly, this will upload the files from your site folder to your MacHighway server space.


6. Once all of the files are uploaded to your server space with MacHighway, open the email "MacHighway: New Account Information" and find your temporary URL under the Control Panel & Site Information heading. Open that temporary URL and verify that your site looks the way it's supposed to.


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