1. Login to the cPanel for your hosting package by:


  1. Logging into the Client Area at https://customers.machighway.com/
  2. Click on Services > My Services.
  3. Click the View Details button to the right of the SiteBuilder package.
  4. Click the Login to cPanel button


2. Click on the Email Accounts module in cPanel.

3. Scroll down the page until you see a list of your existing email addresses. Click the Configure Mail Client link for the email address you want to setup in the Apple Mail client.

4. On the next screen you will see a list of email programs and methods of checking email. Near the bottom of the page you will see Manual Settings specific to this email address. This will have all of the information you need, less your password.

Manual Setup info

5. Open Apple's Mail application, go to the Mail menu and choose Preferences. From the Preferences pane, select Accounts. Next, select the account you want to modify by clicking it from the left hand menu.

6. To setup incoming SSL, click the Advanced tab, then check Use SSL. Mail will automatically select the correct port number for you.

7. Next you'll want to configure your outgoing server to send through SSL. Click the Account Information tab select the down box next to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), then select Edit SMTP Server List..


8. If you have an existing mail server listed for your account you can choose to either edit that entry, or create a new one. We'll be assuming you are creating a new etry. Click the + (plus) button to continue, which will create a new outgoing server entry.

9. In the description feild you can enter whatever you'd like. Most users will choose their email address so they can quickly identify it. In the Server Name: feild you should list the server name listed under the Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL) feild in your Manual Settings in your cPanel.

10. Click the Advanced Tab. Use Default Ports (25, 465, 587) should be checked. Use Secure Socets Layer (SSL) should be checked.

Authentication should be set to Password.

In the User Name: field type your email address.

In the Password field type the password you chose for this account.

11. Click OK to save your settings. You're now finished configuring your outgoing mail server.


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