Backup and delete messages in Apple's Mail App

MacHighway highly recommends that you get into the habit of regularly backing up your email messages and removing them from the server if you are checking your mail via IMAP. This will prevent long load times when checking mail and any quota issues with your mailbox. The following instructions will walk you through this process.

1. Open Apple's Mail application, navigate to the Mailbox menu at the top and choose New Mailbox.

2. In the resulting pop up window choose On My Mac under the Location drop down menu.

3. Create a name for your backup folder in the Name field (i.e. Saved Mail, Archived Inbox, Archived Sent, etc..). Next, click OK.

4. You will now see the new folder you created show up under a section called On My Mac, on the left had site of your Mail app. You can now drag and drop messages to this folder which will save them on your computer.

(A good rule of thumb would be to archive messages older than 3 months)

5. This should remove the messages from the server, but you will want to log into your webmail to make sure. Instructions on logging into webmail can be found HERE.

We suggest repeating this process for every folder you have on the server that you want to backup.

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