I can't login to my cPanel. (hosting control panel)

There are 2 main control panels with MacHighway, each with their own unique login credentials. This article is for retrieving your cPanel login details, which allows you to manage your hosting account.

If you have forgotten your username and password for the Client Area, which allows you to manage your overall billing details, please click here.

1. Login to the Client Area at https://customers.machighway.com/ with your Client Area login details.


2. Once logged in, click Services > My Services from the Client Area menu. 

3. You should now see a list displaying your hosting accounts. On the right of the hosting account for which you've forgotten your login details, click View Details

4. Click the Change Password tab.

5. You will now see fields to change your password – but if you look above the New Password field, you will see your current Username / Password. Copy those down (instructions on doing that here) and login to your cPanel at http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel (replace yourdomain.com with the main domain name on your hosting account.)

Expert Tip:Your cPanel login details are the same as your FTP login details. So, if you ever find that you need and are without your FTP login, just remember that the login and password are shared with the cPanel.

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