Have you ever wished that your incoming emails could be sorted by the sender, but don't feel like setting up filters on every device? What if I told you that there is way to do this that doesn't require any set up on your end? What if I told you it was enabled on your cPanel based email account by default? What if this introduction never ends?


What is Email Plus Addressing?

Email Plus Addressing is a tool that allows you to designate a target IMAP folder when sending an email. This is achieved by adding the "+" symbol after the mailbox, followed by the folder name.

[mailbox]+[folder]@[domain name]

For example, a message sent to the address email+machighway@example.com would be delivered to the mailbox email@example.com and be sorted to the folder "machighway".

Email Plus Addressing is a great tool for sorting your incoming emails into folders and is mainly aimed at automatic notifications, such as when signing up for services. For example, when you sign up for MacHighway web hosting. To use Email Plus Addressing, you only need to add the plus address when signing up for the service and your notifications will be sorted to into folders in your mailbox.

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What can Email Plus Addressing do?

As mentioned above, Email Plus Addressing is great for sorting out email from all of your services. An all you need to do is update the email address that you use with that service. You can add +mac to your Apple account, +amazon to your amazon account, etc. Now, when you check your email, instead of your inbox being flooded with notifications from all of your newsletters, Amazon orders and your daily jokes from your Puns of the Month club, they are all sorted into folders, for you to review on your own terms.

This will also make things easier when searching through your emails for old invoices, notices, etc. Instead of looking through your inbox full of junk, spam and memes from your uncle, you can go directly to the folder containing that accounts notifications.

Email Plus Addressing is also great when signing up for newsletters. Using a plus address will keep these emails sorted out of your inbox until you have a moment to check them out.

Finally, another good use of plus addressing is when signing up for services that you do not fully trust. If you are worried that a service may sell your email address to other advertisers, you can give them a plus address. If you notice that spam starts showing up in that folder, you know that vendor sold you out. At least you can keep that junk out of your inbox.

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What can Email Plus Addressing not do?

As great of a tool as Email Plus Addressing is, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of. For one, because it uses folders, you will need to use IMAP on all of your devices. Since any filtered mail will not show in your inbox, a POP account will not see them or download them. If you have a POP account that you use to archive your emails, it may not see these filtered emails either.

Another potential issue that you may run into is that not all services will allow a plus address to be used. While the list of services that will not allow them is getting shorter every day, it is possible that you may run into this issue. Email Plus Addressing is supported by most of the major email brands, including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, and as it gets more popular, more services will see supporting it a necessity.

That all being said, you should give it a try. You may be surprised how easy it is to use, and how much easier it is to manage your inbox. It is enabled on all cPanel email accounts by default, and costs you nothing. And, can make your inbox look like you are an email professional.

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