Create a web based download area on your site


What you would use this for: To provide your visitors with a place to download files from your site.

What You Need:
An FTP client (Transmit - external link)

1. Login to your FTP space using your FTP client. Instructions for doing that using Transmit can be found here.


2. Once logged in, make sure you are inside your public_html folder.



3. Once you've verified that you're in your public_html folder, go to the File menu and select New Folder. A dialog box will appear on the Transmit window asking you to name the folder. In this example, name the folder publicdownload. Click Create.



4. Once the folder named publicdownload is created on the server, navigate inside of that folder by double clicking it. 


5. Now that you're inside your publicdownload folder, drag and drop the files you'd like your visitors to download into the Transmit window.

6. Once those files are uploaded, close Transmit.

7. In a web browser, open (replace with your actual domain name). You should see a list of files available for download. This is a great alternative to sending large files via email. Instead of sending the file, send them the link to your download area.

You may want to password protect this download area. Instructions for that can be found here.



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