To have your email filtered using the MacHighway/MacHighway Spam & Virus Filter all you need to do is send us a request by clicking here and letting us know which domain(s) you want filtered. The spam and virus filtration covers all of the email addresses @ your domain name. If you want to remove a particular address from filtration, you find the instructions for doing so here.

The Spam and Virus filter sits between the Internet and our mail server - it intelligently filters out Spam and Viruses from your incoming email. Borderline spam messages are placed in a quarantine area allowing you to see what has been filtered and train the system to better recognize what you want and don’t want in your inbox. The server is updated hourly with virus, malware and phishing (scam) information from Barracuda Networks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a message appears in your quarantine, this means that the filter already recognizes it as spam. There is no need to blacklist or delete these messages.

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